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yono: oh keytar you missed me
yono: quoting sherlcock
yono: ...
yono: sherlock
yono: D:

I know some of you are worried, so um. I have a place to stay temporarily. :) We've been talking about my moving in permanently once the current roommate moves out in a month or two, but then we'd probably need to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment and I don't really have the money for that. I feel really awkward staying there, but. :| Idk, it's not like I can really go back to my parent's house, or like I'd want to anyway.

Anyway, things are finally calm enough I can concentrate on getting caught up in math and English and start searching for a better job. Not sure when I'll have a chance (or the energy) to start working on my secret santas, but hopefully that'll be soon.

Today's Thai music rec:

I love this song :')

Uh, so I suck at updating [profile] chanraktur. I've decided to create a twitter in the meantime to help with updates since posting to the comm obviously isn't happening. XD;;


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