Nov. 22nd, 2010

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Before I wade into the heavier material in this post, I just want to point out this Lao pop blog. IT IS A GODSEND. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any places to actually get the mp3s to the videos there and I'm too lazy to rip all the youtube videos, but hey, it's a start. :D

This is my new favourite site: New Mandala: New perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia. (Dreamwidth feed for anyone interested. Anyone willing to make me an LJ feed?)

I fully admit that I don't know a lot about any of the Southeast Asian countries, despite my interest in them, and that I am especially ignorant of life and politics in all the countries that aren't Thailand. This site is by no means the only place from which I should be gathering my information, but it's very interesting and very instructive and it's a great place to go for social and political commentary that goes beyond the new coverage found in most Western media. Sample articles. )


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