Nov. 13th, 2010

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First off: hi! I'm sorry it took me so long to write this. I hope this is still of some use to you should you need it.

Something general: I am a greyromantic asexual, meaning I have no interest in sex (and quite a bit of distaste for the act in general, truth be told) and very little in the way of a romantic drive. For me, what makes a romantic relationship work is trust, strong friendship, shared experiences, and conscious commitment. My concept of romance is not about candlelit dinners and cuddling so much as it is about two people (or more, but usually two) sticking together even when it's not new or ~exciting~. I know I gave a lot of slash options in all three of my fandoms and I would love to see a pairing fic in the end, but I really don't want to read mindless fluff. Two characters telling each other "I love you" or holding hands (in a couple-y way) or making out in an empty movie theatre or just randomly pecking each other on the cheek -- these are all huge turn-offs for me. (Mundane little moments like getting frustrated at homework together or someone stealing/losing someone else's favourite hat -- these are the kinds of things I like.) Subtext is always better than discussing a romantic relationship outright, because chances are that discussion will go places I'm not comfortable with. XD;; TL;DR I'm game for slash or gen, just don't add kissing/sex. Please.

One other thing -- I didn't use any character tags in my signup because they took almost five minutes to load for every. single. one. and some of the lists weren't all that complete anyway. I honestly don't care that much, but I'm going to ramble on below anyway.

Chaotic Butterfly: I love every single character in both books (CB and Purely By Luck) and while I'm obviously more familiar with 5*STAR and Yasu, I would be happy with reading fic that focuses on any of the characters that appear, no matter how small their roles are. I don't really have any ships I'm all that attached to (for 5*STAR, I pretty much ship them as an OT5) except Yamashita/Hasue. If you have a pairing you love, go ahead and write that. I'm not picky on this; write what you want.

Battery: There aren't that many characters in the series, so I'm not going to make any specifications here. I just want to add that I know it said "TV series" on the signup, so hopefully that's what you'd be writing? I've never seen the movie or read the manga, so if you end up writing that instead, you might want to add some notes about what differs (assuming you've seen the drama and you know what's different and what's the same). I remember one of my friends telling me the movie had no subtext at all, so that might make my Takumi/Go request kind of difficult. If that's the case, write whatever you want. XD

Wicked Gentlemen: ... I honestly have nothing to say about this one. :| If this is what you're writing and you're fishing for more information, you could always leave me an anonymous comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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